Paisley’s logistic Platform offers solutions to plan, dispatch and control deliveries. The platform allows for the integration of several fleets, and offers you real-time visibility on the entire cycle - from the warehouse, to the driver and the customer satisfaction.

Main features supported by our logistic solution:

  • Plan and dispatch: several automated and manual options to allocate and manage resources based on operational needs.
  • First and last mile consolidation: make better usage of vehicle’s space by combining deliveries with pick-ups.
  • Data driven round optimization: historical and predictive data create the best possible routes for the selected tasks, accounting for inputs and constraints such as postal zones or traffic.
  • Real time tracking: advanced geolocation tracking solutions allow management to follow up on drivers, vehicles or parcels in real-time, helping to predict and prevent issues before they become problems.
  • Seamless sender integration: secure and stable API integration allows you to exchange all relevant information directly with your existing systems.
  • Analytics & Insights: gain valuable insight with customisable dashboards and reporting tools.
  • Fleet management: centralise the management of multiple delivery fleets, owned or outsourced
  • Mapping and navigation
    Create route planning software to build optimal routes and calculate accurate ETAs based on real-time road conditions
  • Field services management
  • Integrate field services management system with your transportation solution to schedule vehicle maintenance
  • Asset tracking
    Implement an asset tracking solution to maintain visibility of corporate assets, track shipments, and monitor cargo conditions
  • Urban mobility
    Apply mobility solutions to improve the everyday experience of urban citizens in using transportation and logistics services Learn more
  • Traffic management
    Introduce a reliable traffic management system to monitor and improve the vehicle flow by collecting and visualizing traffic data